Patience: a Virtue and a Gift

I do not like to wait and most of us we do not like to wait. When I am in a waiting room, I somehow feel desperate. I feel that time runs slowly. When I am in an airport waiting for a flight or for a connection, I have to do something; sometimes I pray, sometimes I read, sometimes I check my watch constantly.  There are some airports were you can have an oratory or a chapel available and you can pray while waiting. I founded those places of spiritual refuge in Caracas and Panama City airports…

Anyways, our patience is tested every single day. When we go to the doctor,  we have to wait. To get a response from God we have to wait. In a world of immediate gratification, waiting for something, sometimes turn to be a synonym of distress, suffering and discomfort. Reflecting about patience, I came to the conclusion that patience itself and delayed gratification (instead of immediate gratification) go hand by hand.

Now that I am waiting for the renewal of my passport, I have to ask from God this virtue. As you may be know, I am still out in Mexico City waiting for my passport extension. Many people from my country are stuck because the processing of this document is handled by a corrupt and dysfunctional government. You can have more details about this situation by reading the following article:

Patience and more patience. When we are under a test, we always require the help that comes from God.  Yes, I am missing important moments in the parish, but I am learning how to be more patient. I have faith that my soul is moving toward a total conversion and healing.  Even though I am a priest, the seminary and the formation process cannot help me enough in all the challenges that I face as a minister of the Lord. The ongoing formation that I am having every single day through my personal relationship with God nourish my faith to deal with stressful situations.

I am taking this “waiting moment” to reflect about my downsizings, my weak areas asking the Lord from His help.  I am a person who lacks patience, and this is a moment for me to accept this gift of patience, to embrace it and to help others be more tolerant and patience. If I came to Mexico was with a reason: to be a better priest; to be more humane when helping others as spiritual leader. As it is described in the following article, we have to be patient with ourselves as well.

I want take this moment to extend my greetings to all those who are going to be Confirmed in our parish this year: the Class of 2019.  Even though, I won’t be able to be physically present, I am with you spiritually. You are in my prayers.

I am coming back in a few weeks, meanwhile I have to continue practicing PATIENCE.



Church under construction in the town of San Cristobal Tolantongo,  Hidalgo, Mexico



5 thoughts on “Patience: a Virtue and a Gift

  1. You are missed Fr. & you are prayed for everyday. Hope things work out soon & you’ll be on your way back to us. Nice church.


  2. We miss you Father Juan and pray that you will receive the documents you need as soon as possible. You are such a thoughtful, caring person! We miss you and your heartfelt sermons.

    Judy and Wayne Post


  3. Tou would think Priests etc, get special handling since you do answer to s HIGHER AUTHORITY. lol.

    Hope to see you at Mass soon. Stay well Father. Praying for you and your safe return.
    L’usa G.


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