Reflections about the Gospel

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

MT 18:15-20

The best way to resolve problems and misunderstandings in the Church is practicing fraternal correction. Always say the truth no matter what, but say it with charity…


Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

MT 18:21-35

Forgiving each other is the most important aspect of our lives.  The Lord forgive our sins. He payed the debt for us and we are not able to forgive our fellow brothers and sisters because we do not forgive ourselves.   Sometimes we think that the sins of or past are over, but we keep thinking on those mistakes we committed many years ago over and over again.  We doubt in the mercy of God (especially when we come or confession) but the Lord is calling us to be merciful with ourselves and experience His compassion…  If we experience the mercy of the Lord, we will be more compassionate to other and even willing to forgive the debt from people who owed us something (meaning not only money, but affection or an apology).


Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

MT 20:1-16A

The dynamics and logic of God is totally different compared with our own understanding of what is just. God does see the interior of our heart, we just see the shape of the same heart.  In this gospel the laborers of the vineyard worked for a daily wage, the landowner is generous at the end of the journey and treats everybody equally.   Jealousy is the origin of many problems in a society that closely relates happiness with success.  The ways of the lord are different we do not need many hour to work but the full confidence that the Lord is always going to pay a just salary: salvation