Missing the Whole Point; Missing a Back Pack. The Lord Found Me (First Blog Post)

Imagine that you are opening an interesting book, but that book has a shape of a backpack. Then you are unpacking that bag pack (or opening that book) and it has many memories, very good chapters. That backpack has memories of the happiest moments of your life in pictures, that backpack means a lot to you because you have confidential information.  Now that treasure is no longer with you but it is only in your mind and in your heart because the physical one you lost it.

That same bag pack I lost a few weeks ago when I left it in a taxi cab in my home country: Venezuela.  I never recovered that backpack but I gained the inspiration to create this blog. In the wake of my loss, it caused me distress in the beginning (because I did not have a back-up) but in the end, help me to understand what God wants from me: to treasure my loved ones and communicate with them without neglecting those relationships. That was the time when I understood once and for all that a priest needs to store up for himself “treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal” Mt. 6,20. Probably, fourteen years in the seminary were not enough to learn the lesson of the Gospel.  After few weeks of being ordained as a priest, I lost that backpack and that event opened my mind and my heart to dedicate my time exclusively to the service of God.

This blog is written for those who are looking for God’s words in their daily life.  The intention to write in this blog is to portray how from a bad situation, we can find redemption; the missing pieces that we want to put in a new backpack that the Lord is going to give to you sooner or later. This whole situation made me remember that we are just pilgrims on our journey towards finding the Lord. Certainly, for a long time, I did not take care about the words of the Gospel referring to those who were sent to a mission: “Carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes; and greet no one on the way” Lk. 10,4. When I lost my backpack full of memories, I had money, belt, bag and greeted many people.  If I am called to evangelize without taking a vacation, then I will have the whole confidence in the Lord.  I am working to become a disciple that even without a backpack I can be happy for the simple reason that the Lord fulfills all of my needs.

I will be writing weekly personal reflections about my journey, my interaction with the People of God and some thoughts about the inspirations of the Holy Spirit in my homilies.

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