Loosing to Win the Prize

I have been trying to lose weight.  Last month, after a while inactive, I started playing soccer, basketball, and tennis.  I also, committed myself to ride my bike more often…  I was not inspired by reality shows, but I have watched these shows in which people who struggle with overweight and obesity try to lose some pounds to win a prize.  For real, I do not want to go to those reality shows. Do I am losing my time in the office?  Certainly, no… I am taking care of the People of God. Why we are talking about a “lose to win” relationship that is neither self-help nor diet and exercises?  This paradoxical phrase “lose to win” is a good way to summarize the reason for the condition that Jesus established for those who would like to be his disciples.  The Gospel is clear: “Because everyone who wants to save his life will lose it; and everyone who loses his life for my sake and the Gospel’s sake will save it.” Mk 8,35. The initial “because” is to reason or explain the demand of Jesus to those who want to follow him. We must deny ourselves, take up our own cross and follow him.
You could lose your dreams, your desires, your rights, your life itself and you can continue losing and losing.  Let us read again this passage together  “he who wants to save his life” Mk 8,34. Jesus is not referring to two different people  (one wants to save his/her life and loses it, another is willing to lose his/her life and be saved). Jesus speaks of the same person; both statements are the same thought: whoever wants to win (save his life) has to lose it and whoever loses it (for His cause) will end up saving it (winning). In the same way, Jesus is not only talking about the salvation of the soul in heaven for eternity. The context of this message is God’s mission for one’s life. What is God’s mission for you? Lose in order to win? It does not make sense? Confused? If you do not understand these concepts, do not worry about it. Re-read this passage, “swallow it” and try to apply to your own reality. On the contrary, if you understand the passage and do not practice it, that is the time when you have to start worrying a lot.
Yes, I want to lose weight, then I will win a healthier physical condition. Yes, I want to “win” the Kingdom of Heaven, then I have to consume my life for the Gospel. He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you” 2 Cor 12,9. I trust in His words. I willing to lose; I am ready to win.

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