Why am I running a Marathon?

Lately, people have asked me: Father how many miles have you run this week?

My answer: Zero, I don’t like to run… Silence (and after a long pause seeing their faces)… I repeat: yes! I don’t like to run…

Really Father, but you are training for a marathon?

Yes, but I do not need to run a certain number of miles to get fit for a marathon.

Preparation for this race is not about how many miles I have trained; most of the people do not know that I am doing this challenge as a penance; as a way to raise funds for my parish… As a way to purify my soul.  Yes, I need to train but I know my body after running 3 marathons in the past.  I need to work on my motivation. What is the purpose of this challenge? How much I love my Church? are just a couple of questions I ask myself. Often times, I reflect on my past experiences.

When I was little, I never imagine to run a marathon. It was during the fall of 2007 that I watched a documentary on PBS, Marathon Challenge. Watching this documentary,  helped me out to get the motivation to finish my first LA Marathon in 2008. My time: 4′:40″


My experience was painful.  I hit the wall in mile 18.  After that mile, it was all about psychological endurance, a mental battle and a way to carry my own cross; my own aching body.

After that experience and feeling sore for more than a week, I said to myself: “I won’t try again this anymore in the future.” Those were just words.

Two years after, I met a person who was training for the LA Marathon 2010. It was my second year as a diocesan seminarian. That time, I took it easy, I finished it in more than 5 hours.

In 2017, I was in the seminary preparing for ordination. After a conversation about marathons and challenges during lunch with a fellow seminarian, he told me: “If you want to do it, I can pay for the registration”. To be honest, I did not want to do it, but he insisted and I accepted. In March 2017 being a deacon, I finished my third marathon in 6 hours.  It was a pleasant experience, I ran, prayed and listen to Christian music all the way through the finish line. I was sore just for a couple of days.

I am in my first stage of preparation in the gym, working out focusing on muscle strength and losing weight.  I have been successful. I lost a few pounds already. I will start running in December.  I will let you know about my progress every other week.  Please pray for me so I can say the words of Saint Paul: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Tim 4,7


marathon.fixed I will keep you posted and thanks for your support!


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