Fr. Juan’s Training Update

Crossing the finish line of a marathon is indescribable.  Running and walking for hours to reach mile 26.2 is the goal, but endorphins, stamina and above all physical, psychological and spiritual endurance is what has helped me in the past to be a marathon finisher. Crossing the finish line happens really fast; once you cross that line, your body is on the brink of collapse. The first thing that comes to your mind is that you won’t run never again a marathon.

Training for a marathon is challenging.  Checking what you eat, setting time apart for training and overcome your own limitations are things that I always struggle with.  I try to pray the rosary while running and it has helped me to endure the pain.  I have flat feet and that is something that produces pain in my calves.  I always offer this pain for someone who is struggling with addiction or those who ask of my prayers.

Training wise some people always wonder what it feels to run a marathon.  For some people, it sounds impossible to finish a marathon. For me, prayer, diet, and exercise have been key in my training process.  Also, the help of the people of God is instrumental, especially those who cheer for me before, during and after the marathon.

Now, let me tell you what has happened so far in my training experience. A few days ago, I received some healthy food by the door of the rectory.  The person who send me this gift is worried about my health because I have lost about 15 pounds so far. Since I started my training I have lost weight every month averaging 5 pounds a month.  I set my goal in 180 pounds.  Now I am 193 pounds.  When I started my training I was about 210 pounds.  This is work in progress. At the parish, people usually ask me about my training and how many miles I run every day.   I was not able to answer this question because I was in the early stage of my training.  Knowing my body, I knew that I have to focus more on losing weight, now I am still focusing on watching my weight but also I am gaining endurance for the race.  I increase the time of my training from 2 hours three times a week to almost 3 hours. I have to force myself into training high impact because, as I said in the past, I don’t like to run but I have to recognize that this kind of goal helps me to be more disciplined. I really enjoy is to ride my bike, lately, I have ridden my bike occasionally.

Cold days are really a challenge when it comes to getting the motivation to keep training intensively.  I can number the following reasons: I am running to help pay the parish debt, I am running for in memory of Isaac Diaz, a kid who is special to me. He died of cancer last year a day after Thanksgiving; I am wearing a T-shirt during LA MArathon 2020 in his memory.  I am running also for vocations.

I am not the only priest running marathons,

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue training my body and my soul.road

“Every step hitting the road is my prayer, every beat of my heart is my offering to God”

Fr. Juan




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6 thoughts on “Fr. Juan’s Training Update

  1. Father Juan thanking you for always reminding us what is appropriate in our church I really appreciate your words.
    God bless you and peace be with you on these cold windy days✝️ during your training for the L A marathon.

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